Sea duck hunting guides for Maine eiders in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Northeast, East Coast Guide Service ®

Are you looking for a trophy striper lurking in a boulder field, or for busting schoolies that have bait-fish swimming for cover?

You may dream of having your fishing reel scream for mercy as a bonito or fat albert makes a burning run, or perhaps, you want to pick a powerful fight with a shark.

East Coast Guide Service ® can put you in position to meet these challenges! Our extensive knowledge of the local waters and years of experience stand behind this claim. He is also, of course, fully licensed by the U. S. Coast Guard, with a Master's License.

East Coast Guide Service ® / offers both saltwater fly fishing and light tackle charters, providing for a wide variety of productive fishing adventures.

We pride ourselves in providing clients of all skill levels the best possible angling experience, including expert instruction and the highest quality gear.

From historic Boston Harbor to the majestic waters of Cape Cod and Rhode Island Sound, join Ruben and go where the fish are!

We guide the fishing season from May 1st through September 30th.

Interested in offshore fishing for up to 6 anglers or inshore fishing for up to 3 anglers.  Please contact East Coast Guide Service® via e-mail at or call 508-336-3755





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